Ubuntu Neoprene Laptop Sleeve

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Ubuntu Neoprene Laptop Sleeve

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Blissex | 22nd Nov 2015Report Abuse
United Kingdom

I bought one, for my 13in laptop, and I chose the "small" size for 13 in laptops, which turned out to be a bit too small, as the laptop is 33cm wide and the sleeve is actually roughly 32cm wide instead of 34cm. However it fits my 22cmmx33cm laptop with a bit of stretch, but it is quite tight. I suspect that the sleeves were designed for laptops in the old 16x10 (e.g. 1280x800) screen aspect ratio rather than the current 16x9 (e.g. 1366x768) as my other laptop, which is a 13in 16x10 one fits much more easily. Probably the 15in sleeve would have been better, but the aspect ratio of the sleeve is still rather squarer than current laptops, so probably it would been been too high by far, as my laptop is 22cm high d the 15in sleeve is 31cm high. Apart from size/aspect ratio issues it is as the other commenter said a very good quality and good looking sleeve, except that it has almost no passing on the sides, only front and back, but then sleeves are mostly to avoid scratching, not bumps.

Al | 30th Jun 2012Report Abuse
United States

I have an old Averatec 3200 Series laptop that I revived by installing Ubuntu 12.04. I decided to order some "bling" for it, and one of the items was this laptop sleeve. I got the 13" version and it fits the laptop perfectly ! Quality is great, and shows the world my laptops "new" life as Ubuntu. I ordered the 10" sleeve for my Dell Mini 10 now that it has been converted to Ubuntu.

follow up | 20th Jul 2012 starstarstarstarstarReport Abuse

Just wanted to update my previous review; I received the sleeve for my 10" Dell Mini, and yes, this sleeve also fits perfectly !

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