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Ubuntu Stickers

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Roberto | 21st Oct 2013Report Abuse

I put the little ones on my iPod's little button in the middle of the click wheel (iPod Classic) and put the rest on my MacBook Pro. Some cute girl in my tutorial noticed them and thats how we started a conversation and are now seeing each other. THANK YOU UBUNTU.

Al | 20th Jul 2012Report Abuse
United States

Silly, almost a waste of money ? Certainly. But I got 'em and I put 'em on every Ubuntu laptop I own. I stuck them on the palm rest near the Intel and Windows stickers are and on the screen lid beneath the brand name logo. It's fun watching people say Ubuntu really slow; trying to figure out the word !

Angus Pearson | 17th Apr 2012Report Abuse
United Kingdom

Both stickers are very nice, but the domed ones in particular have a great finish. The sheet is pretty good as well, and for reference, the sideways sticker half way up the right side is the same size as your normal Windows /Intel /AMD sticker on a PC.

Denis Demkov | 26th Feb 2012Report Abuse
Russian Federation

Лист с наклейками: На фото не особо видно, есть ещё белая надпись на прозрачной плёнке, в правом верхнем углу. Порадовали все наклейки, кроме самой большой снизу - принт немного смазан. Большие объёмные стикеры: Очень качественные. Просто в восторге)

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